Ni Hao and Annyeong Haseyo…

Jia Li, 15 years old, is a teenage language learner and language enthusiast, and has been since the age of 10.  She loves the adventure of learning to communicate in a whole other tongue, speaking Mandarin Chinese at an Intermediate B2 Level and Korean at a Beginner A1 Level.

She also hopes to pursue Thai and Hindi someday, as she is fascinated with the cultures and Asian languages intrigue her the most.

Often mistaken for being Korean is how Jia Li came up with her blog name.  She has been called Korean, crazy, and even given the nickname “Miss Korea” for her ‘confusing Korean looks.’

Although thought by many to be Korean, Jia Li is actually Venezuelan-American, Spanish being what she considers her ‘heritage language’ alongside English.  Her father, aunt, and grandmother speak Spanish fluently as a first language and she dreams of one day mastering her heritage language as well.

Hence being born “That Krazy Korean” as the blog title.

The “That Krazy Korean” Mission

It is my hope and dream for this blog to become a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can find the motivation and encouragement they need to explore what they once considered the impossible.  Language learning is definitely NOT to tedious of a task, and is extremely fun and even addicting.

How am I going to accomplish that? By documenting my entire experience, both good and bad, of learning foreign languages (two at the moment this blog began), as well as providing readers with the best tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Connect With Me!

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